About Louisa

Louisa is an Exercise Physiologist & Women’s Health Coach who is passionate about helping people manage their physical health. She has worked in both the fitness industry and in a clinical setting and both have one common similarity – people are desperate to heal.

Getting your physical, mental and emotional health functioning optimally is the key to thriving in all aspects of your life, to ultimately reflect a more powerful version of YOU.

Empowering people with the knowledge and tools necessary to take charge of their health and wellbeing through the science of exercise and movement is her mission.

To be at your physical peak and flourishing means your posture is powerful, your biomechanical foundations are strong, your hormones are balanced and your body composition is healthy.

So, if ‘Awakening Your Physical Health’ is your priority, learn how to create daily rituals through mindful movement and exercise programs to unlock a more powerful you today!

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