5 Ways To Create A Winning Mindset

Have you ever thought about how your thoughts and beliefs about yourself are affecting your health, energy and productivity?


Here are 5 common mindset blocks that may be holding you back from achieving your health goals and ways you can change your mindset to overcome them.


  1. The “All or Nothing Mindset”

How many times have you missed a workout because you couldn’t dedicate a full hour to the gym or class? This mentality is closely related to perfectionism and is setting you up for failure. What we don’t realise is that all healthy habits no matter how small they are, is progress towards your goals. The more consistently you achieve your small goals the more likely you will form better long term habits.


  1. The “I’m Busy Mindset”

Finding a work / life balance can be one of the most stressful things in our daily lives. As a result stress has the ability to negatively impact our health. We all have different forms of stress on a daily basis but how you manage your stress is what matters. Make some time in your day to exercise as it is a secret weapon when it comes to stress relief.


  1. The “I’m Not Good Enough Mindset”

Did you know that the negative thoughts and beliefs you have about your body are harming your health? The stories we tell ourselves, create our subconscious identity. So, if you have a particular health goal you want to achieve, start new habits and eventually your actions will reflect your beliefs that you have about yourself. Swap the negative self talk to a positive mindset. Remember your self talk creates your reality. Be careful of what you are telling yourself.


  1. The “I’m Waiting To Be Happy Mindset”

Rather than waiting to get to your health goal to be happy, why not shift the way you perceive happiness and be content when you get to the gym consistently as you have planned. By being happy in the ‘now’ you will achieve your long term goals in a more positive and energetic way.


  1. The “I Can Do Everything Mindset”

Staying accountable to someone can help keep you on top of your goals. No matter who we are we all need help from time to time. Surrounding yourself with like minded people, joining a group class with a friend or participating in a health challenge might be just what you need to propel you in the right direction.


Making changes to your mindset may be the missing link in achieving your exercise and nutrition goals. You may be a small mindset shift away from having increased vitality, energy and productivity!

Louisa Sammartino
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