IT’S OK FOR YOU NOT TO LIKE THE GYM – however you have been told by your Dr. that you need to exercise.


Where do you start?


No doubt with Spring well and truly here and day light savings here exercise and physical movement is on your mind. Mornings are crisp and nights are longer making exercise and movement more enticing and achievable.


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You have just visited your Dr and they have said you need to exercise MORE after having reviewed your routine bloods. Blood pressure has crept up from last time, cholesterol has risen slightly or you have simply gained extra kg’s over the winter months. Does this sound familiar?

We are hearing more and more information on the effects of metabolic syndrome and how these symptoms (blood pressure, cholesterol, weight) can lead to more severe health problems later in life eg. diabetes, heart disease and obesity.


I see clients everyday that NEED to exercise to improve their health but the problem is they either don’t know where to start, have general aches, pains and stiffness which inhibite them or who don’t like the gym. The first thing I say to them is: “It’s ok not to like a gym – we just need to find a style of exercise in an environment you are comfortable with’. ** This is where I see a huge sigh of relief every single time!


My goal is to make exercise and movement sustainable and achievable to ensure your body doesn’t break down. It is all too common for people to have a mini scare or a wake up call with regards to their health and go all guns blazing and then fall in a heap because their core structures break down as they couldn’t sustain the amount and intensity they thought they needed to do to reach their goal. Or they were simply engaging in the wrong type of exercise for their body type and current condition.


I see it all the time. And then what happens? They don’t return to exercise, lose confidence and pile on more weight than what they were originally. Our body’s are like a car – they need to be maintained by servicing them regularly. With out it, they simply BREAK DOWN.

I have been there before myself. But very happy to say I’ve figured it out and have helped hundreds of people return to pain free movement and exercise to optimise their health and wellbeing moving forward.


Regaining your HEALTH is at your fingertips and I’d like to share with you my signature ‘Awaken Your Posture’ 4 Week Online Program that you can do in the comfort of your own home with LIFETIME access so you can revisit it at any time. This program takes you through my 4 Pillars of Posture helping you to return to exercise slowly and progressively by empowering you with the tools and knowledge through postural awareness, correction, tension release, strengthening techniques.


The program includes:


Educational Videos

Exercise Videos

Exercise Programs

Facebook Support Group


Just like a house requires the foundations to be laid, so does your body!


So if you are ready to work on the core foundations of your body to ensure you safely integrate back into moderate to vigorous exercise to better your health then go to:


Chronic pain does not have to restrict you or become a part of your future! Get started now by clicking the link above! Share this blog with someone you know needs to hear that there is a way to regain their physical health!


Louisa x


Accredited Exercise Physiologist in Melbourne, Australia



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Louisa Sammartino
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