Stay Healthy This Winter

We all know that exercising in winter can be a struggle. So how can you overcome the winter blues, stay healthy and on track with your health goals this winter and not get a fright when you look in the mirror come Spring? You need to MOVE.


Here are 5 great reasons why you should continue exercising in winter – rain, hail or shine.


1. Sun Exposure for Vitamin D – Just 10 to 15 mins a few times per week of sunshine is beneficial in keeping you healthy. If you catch a glimpse of sunshine – chase it! Sunshine keeps your bones and immune system strong. It can also boost positivity, help prevent high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer.


2. Keeps You Warm – Exercise naturally warms up the body. Raising your body temperature through movement has a soothing, calming effect on your body. Ditch the heater and move your body!


3. Stay Healthy For Immunity – Exercise can strengthen your immune system, fighting off bacterial and viral infections as it gets your immunity cells pumping through your body by finding and destroying infections.


4. Beat The Winter Blues – The colder months can bring on ‘seasonal affective disorder’, feeling low or demotivated. A daily workout releases the feel good, destress hormone – serotonin and dopamine to help ease feelings of depression reducing anxiety and boosting your overall feeling of wellbeing.


5. Avoid The Winter Weight Gain – We have all experienced a few kg’s creeping on in the colder months, turning to comfort foods to make has feel good. By staying consistent in the winter with regular exercise – you won’t be shocked come spring!


Keep Moving!


Louisa is an Exercise Physiologist in Melbourne. If you have back pain and would like advice on how to manage it safely, feel free to get in touch to discuss further.

Louisa Sammartino
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