About Louisa

Louisa is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Exercise Scientist, Wellness Advocate and creator of her own Essential Oil Blends for emotional healing. From a very young age she loved sport and physical activity and always knew this was her passion and inevitably what she would do as a career. However, like most things in life, the path to her preferred career was not as straight forward and she missed out on a place in the Exercise and Sports Science degree straight out of high school. She was accepted into her last preference in an IT diploma but knew after 6 years this wasn’t her calling and after numerous attempts had finally been accepted into the Exercise and Sports Science degree where she completed it and continued onto her Masters in Applied Science (Exercise Rehabilitation).


Louisa graduated in 2012 and since then has worked in private practice with a multidisciplinary allied health team in a medical centre. Previous to that she worked as a part time Personal Trainer for 7 years giving her over 15 years experience in health and wellness industry. To this day she is impacting and changing people’s lives on a daily basis through improved physical health, mental health and emotional wellbeing.


Her ability to connect and create a safe and nurturing environment with her clients is a personal attribute that sets her apart. Her empathetic nature allows her to build trust as she takes the time to LISTEN and HEAR what her clients are saying, to help them achieve positive outcomes mindfully and holistically.


Working in one on one in private practice she is limited by the hours in the day and realised she couldn’t help as many people as she would like to. This inspired her to create the ‘Awaken Your Physical Health’ movement, which has allowed her to reach a wider community in need of physical, emotional and mental healing.


She has a mission to impact and empower as many people as she can to claim back their physical health by educating and providing strategies and the tools necessary to take control and self manage. Her belief is that everyone is capable of better managing pain, controlling or potentially reversing diabetes, balancing hormones through exercise intervention, finally shedding excess fat or increasing the chance of falling pregnant!


When your body is running optimally you are capable of anything! Unlock your potential and live a life you are passionate about! Allow me to ‘Awaken Your Physical Health’!


Louisa x