5 Ingredient Recipe Pack

Discover the collection of simple 5 Ingredient Recipes, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, treats and smoothies to support you in living a healthy lifestyle by saving you time and money.

Benefits of Simple & Quick Recipes

Preparing meals with a minimal amount of ingredients as well as an uncomplicated method of preparing it are a great way to live a healthy lifestyle.

Disclaimer: discuss this style of eating with your medical practitioner

Why Quick & Easy is Better for Your Health & Hip Pocket

By having quick and easy meals with a minimal amount of ingredients you are more likely to cook more often, avoiding eating out for convenience.

This option is much cheaper and when preparing your own meals you know exactly what is in their without the hidden nasties.

Who would benefit following simple, quick & easy recipes?

Those who are budget conscious, short on time, work long hours, have a family to look after & appreciate home cooked meals with a balanced macronutrient profile.

The 5 Ingredient Recipe Pack includes:

Enjoy 40 five ingredient recipes including breakfasts, lunches, dinners, desserts & smoothies

The collection includes some gluten free, dairy free and vegetarian recipes

Detailed nutritional Info eg. calorie & macronutrient profiles (see below)

Ingredients list, method, shopping lists, sample meal planner

Detailed Nutritional Info

Includes AU/UK & US metric systems

Provides you with detailed calorie & macronutrient profiles for every recipe (plus MyFitnessPal barcodes)

Includes ingredient lists & detailed step by step cooking instructions

Shopping List & Meal Planner

Saves you time

Contains weekly shopping list that let’s you shop effortlessly for healthy recipe ingredients

Includes a weekly meal planner so you can efficiently and effectively follow the recipes


Normally $97 Now $47